Welcome from Dean Kerry Mummery

To alumni everywhere,

Since we began using the internet, everything about communication has changed. More of us are connecting digitally than ever. We live on our mobile devices. No longer are we content with being talked at, to sit passively by. We want – and expect - to be part of the global conversation; we want to comment on what’s going on around us and we want to connect with as many people as we can, sometimes just because we can, sometimes because we’re curious, and because we want to be heard.

That’s why we developed this website.

While our alumni magazine communicated well as a print document, it simply didn’t have the reach or the frequency we wanted and needed to connect our alumni with our Faculty and with each other. 

Let’s face it: printing and postage costs are a factor, but more than that, it makes good sense to use the global, 24/7 nature of the internet to make connecting on a global scale easier.

As our alumni, you’re distinguishing yourselves in countries around the world, making a difference, carving your own roads, blazing your own trails. We want to reach you where you are and help share the great moments of your lives. Most of all, we want to build a strong, valuable network of alumni, connected on every continent you call home.

As an alumnus of this Faculty, I’m proud to call the University of Alberta home once again after a 13-year sojourn in Australia. And I invite you to read the stories – we’ll post a new one every two weeks - comment on them, share them with others, suggest other alumni to profile (or volunteer to be interviewed), join us on LinkedIn, on Facebook, on Twitter.

Will you join the conversation? I invite you to be part of the Faculty of Physical Education and Recreation alumni network; join the party and let’s raise a little hell.

Warmest regards,

Kerry Mummery, Dean

Dean Kerry Mummery

Dean Kerry Mummery is a doctoral alumnus from the Faculty (1994). 

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